Hyu's Birthday Bash (Debut Launch)

Hi, I am HYU, or you might also know me by Kim. First and Foremost, it’s my birthday on 13 April and so I figured, why not hold my debut launch as HYU on the same day, and throw a party — YES BIRTHDAY BASH.

I will be sharing new materials that I have been working on for 2 years now, very excited to finally share it with everyone. My debut single YOU will also be released on the same day on Spotify.

Thank you Fauxe SG for working on this … and so, it was only felt right for him to close off the night. We’ll start off the party with KHAi followed by ME!! Excited to celebrate my 27th with everyone.

I am glad that my birthday wish (for years) is finally coming true - to share my own music with anyone and everyone, and perform it live.
Hope to see you there!!!!! ALL ARE WELCOME!!

Event Details:
7pm KHAi
The Singapore-based artist KHAi draws inspiration from the likes of Lewis Watson, Bruno Major, Nick Wilson, and Damien Rice, recreating the soul and life of their music with his personal touch. His lyrics, stripped down, center around the ups and downs of life; the ebb and flow of emotions. With his smooth vocals and instrumentally divergent melodies, the Alternative-Folk Pop songwriter channels and paints his sentiments sonically for his listeners, not unlike Frank Ocean ‘s approach to music. His songs serve as a personal memo, mirroring his sensitivity with tunes that embody his individual color, and that show great discernment of the anxieties and excitements of falling in and out of love.


HYU, alias of Kim Eun Hyung, encapsulates the spirit of a young girl displaced from her native South Korea and her endearing journey that followed in finding a new identity on our sunny island. She finds her home in the violin, a parting gift from her Umma, the last remnant piece of familiarity and belonging. Just as her name reads, HYU’s effusions on the fiddle sonically re-animate her reality in hues, an explosion of sounds in colour. She approaches life with a certain lightness of spirit — emitting an infectious glow that is apparent in her choice of sound, words, and melody. The simplicity and frankness of her lyrics light up the bed of sounds in every track, birthing beautiful, harmonious vibrations. Evolving with time, she flourishes. And her music, a reflection of the blooming of HYU.

9PM Fauxe
The language around dance music is scientific and ideological – therefore, stale and dead. 🚧 And because that is the new normal, Fauxe is an anomaly. The inmates run the asylum and he’s the sniper perched atop the tallest spire. In the battleground that is contemporary music – the output and the experience of it – FAUXE’s music is a challenge.


Ticket Sales: $15
Sat Apr 13, 2019
6:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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General Admission SOLD OUT $15.00
Venue Address
138 Robinson Road, #19-01 Singapore